7 tips to plan a memorable getaway trip by Bacall Associates Travel Singapore

During holidays, you're probably thinking of having a vacation trip with your family to create fun memories with them, right? As one of the experts in travel, Bacall Associates sees this as a great opportunity for you and your family to relax yourselves, so you should make this trip into reality.


The Bacall team provided the following to help you plan your holiday trip:


Create a travel journal


Having your own travel journal can help you organize things needed in your getaway because all data are kept in one place. A handwritten journal is preferred by many because it gives an emotional experience than an electronic journal; whatever you write there will be important to you and you will see your thoughts in your writing, which can make memories to each and every page. Handwritten journals provide stronger impression than electronic journals.


Pick your top travel destinations


Write down the destinations you like in your journal, and if you end up with a long list, try eliminating places one by one until you’re left with your top three. Bacall Associates needs you to have a short list so that it will be easier for you to choose which one is the best for your holiday trip whether traveling in Singapore, Japan or any United Kingdom.


Study each place on the list


Know everything you can about each place in your list and note every important detail you can find to help you compare them a lot more carefully. You can use Google or Bing to your research or ask your relatives or close friends for any information about each location.


Know the weather condition


When you're done choosing your final destination for your holiday trip, you should then consider the weather condition of that place during the time of your travel. Is it going to be a warm or a cold weather once you get there? You should match your clothing to the weather then make a list of clothes you're going to bring, along with a list of toiletries and cosmetics you need.


Pack light


In case you end up with a lot of things to carry, try removing items that aren't really needed for your trip. Avoid bringing things that are quite expensive because you'll only worry about their safety. If it’s possible, you should pack light because the less you have, the less stressed you will be.


Book in advance


You’ve seen this tip on several articles before and Bacall Associates also consider this to be very cost-effective. You should make your travel arrangements well in advance to get great discounts.


Contact a professional


If necessary, you should contact a professional travel agent because their expert help can give you the reassurance that everything will be alright in case something goes wrong. All the reservations your travel agent made on your behalf should be written in your journal.


Bacall Associates now in Singapore suggests that you should stay composed all the time and don't stress yourself too much so that you will surely enjoy your getaway trip with your family and build unforgettable memories with them, which you can cherish forever.