Bacall Associates: Singapore Trip Day 1 - Transportation Guide To Singapore


Singapore is my second out of the country trip early last year.  This prosperous city-state is so well known because of many Filipinos working here, mostly in tourism and IT industry.  This became memorable for me because of the misadventures we had during planning and the trip itself.  Nonetheless, Singapore is worth visiting I'd love to come back.


What You Need To Know:


  • Singapore is one of the 25 countries Filipinos (with Philippine passport) can visit without a visa. The tourist visa is good for 30 days.


  • Immigration officers in the Philippines are pretty strict to Filipinos going here. A lot of Filipinos visit Singapore as a tourist but they never came back instead start working there. Most often than not, they process the working permit in Singapore once they got the job.  I hope you already read my Hong Kong series because I already stated the things you need to show to an immigration officer.  But just to refresh, make sure you show you’re:


  1. Fully filled and signed departure / embarkation card
  2. Philippine passport
  3. Itinerary Flight Details - make sure that you have a flight going back to the Philippines
  4. Hotel/Hostel booking
  5. Company ID - if you are employed it is best to show your company i.d. to ensure the officer you will come back again. Be confident. Officers might ask a lot.
  6. Government ID and/or other supporting documents for self-employed and students.


  • Singapore is a multicultural country comprises of Singaporeans, Indians, Malays, and a home to blue collar workers coming from Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil are four official language in Singapore. The influence of Chinese and Malay language is apparent in their informal English they called Singlish.


  • Money in Singapore is in Singapore Dollars (SGD). 1 SGD = 34-35PHP as of writing.